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At LDRLB (@LDRLB), we draw much of our content from the research and writings of the world’s top professors. Most are from business schools, others from a variety of fields relevant to leading organizations. These professors consistently build upon the body of knowledge and further the goal of evidence-based leadership. We thought it’d be worthwhile to share with you the people we learn the most from. Below you’ll find who we feel are the 2013 top 50 professors on twitter, broken into lists around leadership, innovation, and strategy, as well as five at-large professors.


Bill George Harvard Business School @Bill_George
Gianpiero Petriglieri INSEAD @gpetriglieri
Karl Moore McGill University @profkjmoore
Ian McCarthy Beedie School of Business @Toffeemen68
Stew Friedman Wharton School of Finance @stewfriedman
CV Harquail Howe School of Business @cvharquail
Terri Griffith Santa Clara University @terrigriffith
Bret Simmons University of Nevada, Reno @drbret
Lukas Neville University of Manitoba @lukasneville
Michael Roberto Bryant University @michaelaroberto
Gautam Mukunda Harvard Business School @gmukunda
Francesca Gino Harvard Business School @francescagino
Terri Scandura University of Miami @terriscandura
Schon Beechler INSEAD @ProfBeechler
Terry Linhart Bethel College @TerryLinhart


Richard Florida Rotman School of Management @Richard_Florida
Clayton Christensen Harvard Business School @claychristensen
Calestous Juma Harvard University @calestous
Alf Rehn Åbo Akademi University @alfrehn
Cyndi Burnett Buffalo State College @Cyndiburnett
Diego Rodriguez Stanford University @metacool
Tim Kastelle University of Queensland @timkastelle
Tor Gronsund University of Olso @tor
Tina Selig Stanford University @tseelig
Marcel Bogers University of Southern Denmark @bogers
Gary Hamel London Business School @profhamel
Teresa Amabile Harvard Business School @TeresaAmabile
Frank Piller RWTH Aachen University @masscustom
Bob Sutton Stanford University @work_matters
Bill Fischer IMD Business School @bill_fischer


Michael Porter Harvard Business School @MichaelEPorter
Estelle Metayer McGill University @Competia
Rita McGrath Columbia Business School @rgmcgrath
Ioannis Ioannou London Business School @iioannoulbs
Mislek Piskorski Harvard Business School @mpiskorski
Peter G. Klein University of Missouri-Columbia @petergklein
Teppo Felin University of Oxford @teppofelin
Roger Martin Rotman School of Management @rogerlmartin
Kevin Boudreau London Business School @KevinJBoudreau
Sheen S. Levine Columbia University @sslevine
Sydney Finkelstein Tuck School of Management @sydfinkelstein
Freek Vermeulen Londen Business School @Freek_Vermeulen
Dan Elfenbein Washington University in St. Louis @OrgStratProf
Cynthia Montgomery Harvard Business School @leadstrategy
Robin Teigland Stockholm School of Economics @robinteigland


Michael Tushman Harvard Business School @MichaelTushman
Philip Auerswald George Mason University @auerswald
Keith Sawyer UNC-Chapel Hill @DrKeithSawyer
Laurence Capron INSEAD @LaurenceCapron
David Thomas Georgetown University @ProfThomas

If you’re wondering about order, we opted to use Klout scores in lieu of follower count in the hopes that it rewarded professors who focus their influence on smaller fields as much as the top thought leaders. This list was compiled primarily by another professor, David Burkus (@davidburkus).

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  1. I bit the bullet and made the list into a Twitter list. #Innovation

  2. Very interesting compilation. As a young teacher and writer i have added a few more sources of inspiration to my list on twitter. Thanks to you LDRLB.

  3. A really great idea making such a valuable list!

  4. Just a correction forTor Gorsund – @torgronsund

  5. Thanks for identifying some new people to follow. Any idea why David Thomas’ Twitter account is blocked?

  6. This is fantastic. Perhaps seeing these great leadership academics are on Twitter will inspire more CEOs and COOs to “go social” too. It is so smart to share thought leadership – and to make the humans behind new thinking on business leadership more accessible – via social networks. I intend to help build a list of sustainable business leadership academics that people may not yet realize are on Twitter…

  7. What about Dan Ariely of Duke university, Fuqua School of Business

  8. Great Idea. I made a twitter list of the #leadership professors, eager to enhance,

  9. A very good effort and is certainly helpful for others to follow the experts in the field of their interest.

  10. Great list of leaders. Thanks for doing the hard work! #Leaders ON!

  11. I have converted this into into a Twitter list and added other strategy and innovation professors =>

  12. You din’t include David Burkus at Oral Roberts University.

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